Lawrie Dignan


Born in Victoria B.C., Lawrie Dignan is a self-taught artist using a pen and ink technique which has evolved from my years working as a technical draftsman in British Columbia’s civil service.

In 1990, Lawrie apprenticed with a stained glass artisan who would become his mentor. This relationship had a very positive influence on his artwork as it encouraged, supported and gave him the confidence to explore his own direction in drawing with pen & ink.


The contrast of natural and technical is very apparent in his drawings. Using drafting pens and colored inks, he attempt to show the landscape of British Columbia in stylized compositions that project that precision. The bold line work shows contrast with the soft hues of my pointillism. Lawrie achieve’s this affect using an individualized selection of colors rather than the palette of primary colors used in traditional pointillism.

Today Lawrie’s artworks are found in private and corporate collections around the world.

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